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Llangoed Hall

Llangoed Diary

Notes, thoughts and jottings from the desk of Calum C. Milne

Autumn in the air

18th September 2017

Itʼs hard to explain but you know once it happens. Thereʼs an almost unperceptable, feint feeling, that almost overnight the season has changed... One evening youʼre out in the garden until midnight, yet the next will have you reaching for the cashmere at 8pm. Taking his Highness for his constitutional early this morning there remained a slight overnight chill in the air - yet the promise of fine sunshine to follow. Personally itʼs my favourite time of the year - and surely one of the glories of life in our rich and varied island kingdom.

Autumn in the air at Llangoed Hall

Chef always gets terribly excited at this time of year - and having watched the soft fruit slowly ripening in the kitchen garden, Iʼm definitely looking forward to what our talented boys & girls in the kitchen will create. The orchard is positively groaning with the weight of a bumper crop of apples, pears, quinces and plums whilst in the wilder parts of the garden the blackberries sit basking in the sunshine... making my walks even longer.

Despite wandering through the kitchen several times a day Iʼm still staggered at the amount of skill and experience it takes to turn the top photo above into the one below, Itʼs one of the many joys of looking after this wonderful old lady - seeing wonderful produce from our garden turned into exquisite moments of pure pleasure for our guests. And even though we know it will happen every year, the return of Autumn and the sights, sounds and aromas it brings, makes being here a pleasure.

Enjoy your week!

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